About the Artist

Betina Huntwork   

A multi-media artist based in Durham, North Carolina who thrives on exploring the

natural world we live in and translates its beauty and complexity into various forms. Her artistic journey is a tapestry of pen & ink, photography, and digital arts, each weaving a unique and ever evolving thread into her style. 

Her love for art began at a young age. Spending hours getting lost among the trees or knee deep in mud at the river led her into a magical worlds of whimsy, fantasy, and science. In her teens she discovered photography where, in the darkroom, she leaned how to manipulate light and images to tell a different story or capture a fleeting moment of emotions. In her twenties, she found paints, taking her storytelling skills from lights to colors. Now with the addition of pen & ink to her wheelhouse, she is focusing small. Designing cards, posters, mugs, trinket trays and other micro works of art for the everyday consumer.

"My inspiration stems from the world around me. The natural world is full of breathtaking landscapes, tiny details, and ever-changing colors that hold a special place in my heart. My creative process is organic and intuitive. I believe that art is a journey for the viewer as well as the artist. I strive to connect with others, to listen to the small piece's and spark conversations, and bring joy."

Betina is the lead artist, buyer, curator and CEO of Belle & Bauble. She is committed to creating art and gifts that are accessible to everyone. She believes that art should be shared and enjoyed by all, regardless of background or experience.